Transcription Shortcuts

Would you find an ongoing list of suggestions for transcription shortcuts, autocorrects, and expanders helpful?  These shortcuts, autocorrects, and expanders can save you time and increase your productivity so you can make more money.

The important thing is that your shortcuts, autocorrects, and expanders make sense to you.  Some of these examples may not be what you think of when you hear that word, but may help you think of an example you would use.

Here is just the beginning of a list of frequently used shortcuts that you can enter into your shortcuts, autocorrects, and expanders.  Feel free to make suggestions for shortcuts you would like to see added to the list.

adls = activities of daily living
bec = because
chapstick = ChapStick
diff = difficult
exer = exercise
fibj = fibrillation
glip = glipizide
hpi = history of present illness
imm = immediate
jvd = jugular venous distention
kin = kinesis
laby = laboratory
metab = metabolism
nec = necessary
ocad = obstructive coronary artery disease
palps = palpitations
ques = question
radj = radiation
satj = satisfaction
testo = testosterone
uw = underwent
verr = verrucous
w = we
xfer = transfer
yr = year
zoc = Zocor

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