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…Are you a Professional Medical Transcriptionist?

…Are you an MT Student or new Graduate?

…Are you looking to get started?

…Are you needing answers fast to MT questions?

…Are you struggling with your job and looking for an easy and immediate solution to a challenge you face?

Do you want to connect with, learn from, and share ideas with some of the smartest medical transcriptionists, students, and working professionals?

Then this may be the most important message you will read.

Here’s why:

If you’re spinning your wheels searching for solutions to medical terminology, how to land work as a medical transcriptionist, or what you should avoid including in your resume as an MT to sidestep humiliation and the common resume slush pile, then you’re not alone.

This is the case for thousands of people around the world who are studying as MTs or already established and working as an MT.

That is why Jennifer and team decided to create Medical Transcription Help Desk. We want to help ordinary people like you be more productive, get the answers you need, and achieve success in what can be a very lucrative and challenging career as an MT.

We have worked with numerous MTs and have helped hundreds find the basic medical information that you need to get the job done, and get it done correctly.

Since then we developed this private community of Medical Transcriptionists with the sole goal of giving other MTs direct access to immediate solutions and advice on ANY lab test information, grammar questions, cheat sheets, lists, resume creation, or difficult challenges that you're likely facing right now…or might encounter in the future…

While helping you avoid some of the most costly and embarrassing mistakes that even the savviest students and professionals make in this career.

If this information, tools and expert advice sounds like something you’re interested in getting your hands on, then…

Here Are 7 Reasons To Join Now…

In This Private Membership Club You Will Gain Access to…

1. Top Industry Training Tools, Answers and Tips

We’re going to demonstrate what tools and techniques are used by successful medical transcriptionists and show you exactly why they are used.

Every month you will get our monthly letter which includes insider advice and tips for the month, new autocorrects each month, Medical Match Word Game, Kay’s Korner of Grammar, ESL (English as second language) Dictators, cheat sheets, and Newbie Nook with access to the complete archive of Ask a Question box questions and answers from the previous month that you can search quickly.

In the Medical Transcriptionist Help Desk Members’ Club, we’re going to share with you proven tools, strategies and answers that MTs are using right now to effectively be more productive and enhance the quality of their reports.

2. Ask a Live Professional Medical Transcriptionist Anything…

Got a burning question for Jennifer, Cathy, Carin, Rebecca, or one of our other Medical Transcriptionist team members?

Need an immediate response while you are on the job or as a student? No one available to give you the answers you need?

You name it, just post your questions

Then – through our Ask a Question box one of our team will answer them.

Others charge up to $20 per hour for a private consultation like this. Together we have a proven track record of Medical Transcriptionist success, and we’ve helped many MT students, graduates, and paid medical transcriptionists follow in our footsteps.

So don’t be shy here… they all love a good challenge.

Got your question ready to go? Need an answer fast?

You’re about to have that chance.

3. Need Some Help With Writing A Winning Resume?

As a member, you will have full resume writing assistance and access from Rebecca who has been writing winning resumes for over 20 years and many of them for medical transcriptionists. (She has gone on to be a successful author of her own book that you can find on Amazon entitled “How to Write a Resume with Resume Examples.”)

There’s no better way to learn and improve than from someone who has proven that her resumes work.

She will help you avoid the dreaded slush pile and the common and embarrassing mistakes that MTs make when writing resumes. Literally from start to finish you will get help on your personal resume or with questions you may have on writing your resume.

Clients have paid as much as $100 and more for professionally created resumes like this

But as a member of the Medical Transcriptionist Help Desk, it’s included as a benefit of your membership.

4. The very best video material in the virtual vault

Immediately after your membership has been processed, you’ll gain access to a collection of short and easy to watch videos that provide strategies and techniques used by successfully paid medical transcriptionists and answers to medical terminology, information on finding a job and much more…

You will get to see everything as we pull back the curtain on all the things you MUST know in order to succeed as an MT.

5. To an arsenal of medical terminology quizzes.

Members have said they have received a lot of help from these and you will too. Take advantage of these quizzes and mastering medical terminology will become a breeze

6. Extensive and up-to-date resource of approved lists

Is searching forums and websites online worth your time and money?

Did you know that the Medical Transcriptionist Help Desk Team has compiled a massive collection of lists, with more being added each month?

Now, you’ll get access to EXACTLY what you need fast! This includes generic versus brand medication list, sample reports for all different specialties, cheat sheets for all different specialties, autocorrects, and the lists will go on and on.

7. Our Monthly Membership GIFT Giveaway

Every single month, we draw out a name of a member and give them a gift.

Gifts will vary from the Stedman’s word book, MT cup, MT shirt, and other great goodies that pertain to MTs.

Sound good to you?

No More Searching For Answers

Picture yourself actually following a plan…a plan proven by countless Medical Transcriptionists…and enjoying productivity and real results for the first time.

Imagine the swell of confidence and sense of accomplishment at finally KNOWING and TAKING the steps that truly matter – the steps leading you to achieving more with less effort…

…Being a successful Medical Transcriptionist.

  • Forget endless confusion
  • You won’t have to feel overwhelmed
  • And you’ll never again “chase for Answers in outdated books sold online or have to decide between questionable answers found on forums and sites”

Getting straight honest answers with nothing held back is critical if you want to really succeed as an MT in the shortest possible time.

And that’s exactly why the members of Medical Transcription Help Desk have such a high success rate (and why you will too!)

So, what's the cost for this Private Members’ Club?

Well, the good news is nowhere near as much as you're thinking.

I know exactly how frustrating and difficult it can be to get the answers you need… so I've made sure this is affordable enough for ANYBODY.

Yet, value is a hard thing to determine sometimes for information.

And you could certainly be forgiven for thinking this is super expensive though

As a lot of companies charge based on the amount of time involved, research and development that went into creating the service or information given.

For example, there is one company that charges as much as $50 for access to information for MTs

Another offering payments of $25 for answers

And others charging as much as $50 for what could be now out-of-date information.

While we certainly wish them the best with helping other MTs

We do feel this puts the answers that most MT students and paid professionals need now… out of reach

So while I believe that we need to cover the costs of the information and time answering questions at least.. my desire is to place this into as many hands of people who were like myself who at one time were … Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Searching for answers in a sea of information online.

However.. I do want you to consider though how much money you have lost by not having this information, tools and live expert advice already just through the hours of wasted time searching for information and answers.

Let's look at it this way… to have someone give you ALL the tools you need, access to paid professional medical transcriptionists, a resume writer whose resumes are proven to work, and provide you with a live support system for every aspect of your studies and on-the-job challenges this year and for years to come would likely tally up to costing you somewhere in the hundreds.

So how much would it be worth to you, to save all that money?

Well, I don't know about you, but I would easily pay $60 once to save 5 to 12 times that much each year having some service or professional who could help me immediately…

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even the minimum private consultation price. In fact, your total investment, if you respond right away, you pay $9.97 only $4.97 per month for access to the member area. The time and money you will save as a result of being a member will cover this meager investment.

In fact, that’s less than the cost of one GOOD coffee and muffin.

And just in case you’re wondering, yes you can cancel at any time, for any reason. Or no reason at all. Just contact us, and let us know you want out (We make it really easy to find our support section.)

A last thought about price: quite frankly, I've had people join and immediately tell me I've under-priced it at $4.97. In fact- originally I was debating raising the price to $9.97 a month, but I know back when I was getting started as an MT I wished someone would have cut me some slack when it came to getting tools I needed. The way I see it is… “What goes around comes around”… if I help you- life has a strange way of bringing it back around. So, bottom line- this ridiculously LOW price of $4.97 is not guaranteed forever. I might stop debating and decide tonight to raise the price, especially with MORE great content being added each month.

One last thing, it’s important


Free Bonus

If you take action today and join, you will also receive a FREE copy of Rebecca Lynne’s eBook entitled “How to Write a Resume with Resume Examples

This alone is worth joining as it reveals exactly what resumes have been proven to work time after time.

You can take advantage of this for FREE as it will be included in your membership.


Medical Transcription Help Desk is
More Than Just a Private Community…
It’s Support. It’s Tools. It Works.

So now is the time to make a decision. It’s time to decide if you’re ready to stop “surfing for questionable answers” and actually get approved and proven solutions to questions and challenges you face as an MT.

It’s time to decide if you’re going to join.

If you WANT to be successful, productive and achieve more as an MT, you really need to join the club. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to help you succeed.

It takes more than wishful thinking to enter the lucrative side of being in the ranks of MTs who get paid well. It takes knowledge, answers, tools and training — and we definitely have that.

And it takes a person who is willing to step out there and do what it takes. Someone, as they say, who wants to make things happen, not watch things happen.

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re serious about solving the challenges you face right now as an MT student, graduate or paid professional Medical Transcriptionist, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

Go ahead take action now, click on the “Get Instant Access” and you will gain access to the members area in the next 2 minutes.



See you on the other side

Jennifer Breuer
Medical Transcriptionist


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