Fascicular vs. Vesicular

by Jennifer on July 9, 2011

The definition I found for fascicular is “of or pertaining to fascicle,” which is a small bundle of nerve, tendon, or muscle fibers.

Here are some examples:

fascicular beat
fascicular degeneration
fascicular graft
fascicular heart block
fascicular neuropathy
fascicular repair
fascicular tachycardia

The definition I found for vesicular is “of or relating to vesicles,” which are small blisters on the skin.  This is most commonly used in dermatology to describe the blisters associated with chicken pox, poison ivy, etc.  If it is referring to the anatomy, then it is any “small pouch.”

Here are some examples:

vesicular acute inflammation
vesicular appendage
vesicular dermatitis
vesicular eruption
vesicular exanthem
vesicular exanthema
vesicular exanthema of swine virus
vesicular granulomatous inflammation
vesicular stomatitis
vesicular venous plexus
vesicular viral infection

Sometimes people are looking for how the word is used, so I have put some examples here of both words.  Please send in any others that you have.


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