I would say that most of the time you will get your equipment from the company you are working for.  If you are an independent contractor, then I’m guessing you are in charge of that yourself.  The 3 companies I have worked for have given me the computer, headset, and foot pedal.

A chair is very important when working as a medical transcriptionist.  You have to be comfortable in order to transcribe all day.  Chair prices range from $50 to $1,000.  I have a basic chair right now, but am saving for one of the ergonomic chairs that I have seen advertised.

There are so many headphones out there, but I believe most of them work basically the same.  I have a Bose headset/headphone that keeps all the noise around me out.  This headset/headphone was not cheap (around $160) but worth every penny because I needed something that would keep out sound around me.

I have heard there are headsets that are equally as good as the one I have for a lot less of a price. 

MTs in the membership discuss the best keyboards (wireless, heated, ergonomic), what mouse to buy (ergonomic, wireless), a variety of chairs, many different headsets, and the list goes on. 

The newsletters break down each piece of equipment used in medical transcription.

Check out all of this information and more in the MT Help Desk membership

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