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Hi!  My name is Jennifer and I want to give you a little background on how this website came about:

Several of my friends and I were sitting around one day and started talking about medical transcription.  Usually when we get together we try not to let work-related issues take over our conversation, but oftentimes our discussion just drifts there naturally.  We are all fairly new, having worked as Medical Transcriptionists anywhere from 2 to 9 years.  We get questions all the time about what the job entails, what courses are necessary to prepare yourself, the longevity of the profession, what the pay is, etc.  We have spent hours on the phone and responding to e-mails helping people with the answers to these questions.  We do it because we love our profession, and if we can encourage someone who believes they would love it too, then that is worth every minute of our time.

We then started talking about how nice it would be if there was a website with medical transcription information that new-to-experienced medical transcriptionists could benefit from.  Every MT has something to learn to help them become more accurate and productive.  The learning never stops.  It does not matter how long you have been around.

There are many people who cannot afford every reference book needed right away, but would really like to have some basic information at their fingertips.  Again, most of the information is on the Internet, but not always in the form you want it in.

We also started thinking about the benefits of having a small community of us on a website who would communicate with each other.  We would typically answer questions asked within a short period of time.  We decided to get started, see where the site takes us, and make adjustments as we go.

We know there are some who may be interested in where to find a medical transcriptionist job, others who want to know how to increase productivity and accuracy, and still others who would like cheat sheets for a variety of specialties that will help them in their daily work.

We really like the idea that a group of us are starting out together on this journey, each contributing a variety of information, with the work being shared by all.  As new people start to visit the site, we will be able to get their input on things they are looking for and also grow that way.  The information is unlimited, and depending on what specialties each person types, there should be lots of varied and valuable information available.

The bottom line is, we will not know if this will work unless we try it.   We have nothing to lose and much to gain if it works out the way we plan.

Medical Transcription Help Desk is a place where you can feel comfortable asking questions and sharing answers.  Remember, we learn when we ask questions.  Everyone involved with this site still remembers what it was like to be the newbie.

Our philosophy is to share information and knowledge that we have and become better medical transcriptionists for it.


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